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Healing with Sherry offers Alternative HEALING Strategies, Tips, and Advice to Empower You to Become Your Own Personal Healer.

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Depression. There Are 6 Key Categories To Be Aware Of.
Depression: What Is It and Is It Genetic? Depression is considered a mood disorder. It is defined as sadness, loss, failure, rejection, or anger that can have a severe impact on a person’s...
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Anxiety 1
Anxiety. There Are 3 Things You Should Know Right Now!
What Exactly is Anxiety: Anxiety is a disorder in which the nervous system becomes abnormally active as a result of a stressful, dangerous, or unforeseeable event. It is the reaction...
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divine timing
Divine Timing 101. The Fool Proof Guide.
Divine timing. Have you ever attempted to manifest something into your life and wondered why it never materialised? Even though you have been manifesting night and day. Or, have you...
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anncapictures pixabay e1652480550112
Fully UTILISE Herbs To Enhance Your Spiritual Journey. Part 2.
HERBS PART 2 of 2 Welcome to part two of this series on ‘How Herbs Can Help Your Spiritual Journey.’ If you haven’t already, go back and read part one, which includes...
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Fully UTILISE Herbs To Enhance Your Spiritual Journey. Part 1.
Herbs Part 1 of 2: Herbs can help you overcome challenges, boost your abilities, and raise your vibrational levels in a variety of ways throughout your healing journey. Always buy your...
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Universal law
12 Universal Laws. Are You Following Them Correctly?
12 Universal Laws: The law of attraction is well-known, but did you know that there are 11 other universal laws that have an impact on our lives as well? That in order to reap the greatest...
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Healing with Sherry

Welcome to Healing with Sherry, where I educate individuals how to increase their vibrations and connecting them with their higher selves through life and spiritual coaching, hypnotherapy, meditations, and through spiritual practises.

I have over 15 years of experience working with youth, people with  disabilities, and people with mental illnesses. I am certified in the field of community health services.

My mission is to assist people in overcoming the challenges and trauma that they face on a daily basis. By showing them how to truly love and respect themselves.

By enabling a person to see their own strength in the face of adversity as they embark on a new path. 

As this is what distinguishes them as a powerful soul.

Special acknowledgement to  Dave M from Pixabay for my cover picture.