12 Laws Of Karma Has The Answers To Your Future.

What is Karma:

Karma is the combination of a person’s ideas and behaviours over the course of their human existence. This can encompass a person’s previous lives and the current one they are living. The 12 laws of karma are scientific laws; the science of repercussions that will be brought into our lives, whether good or negative.

Karma is a very important factor in our human lives. It has a significant influence on what we attract into our existences. It is where one’s thoughts and actions create the reality that they live in. By adhering to the 12 karmic laws, one pay off any karmic debt and can create a wealth of abundance of good karma, also known as “dharma,” into our life.

Overview of the 12 Laws of Karma:

12 Laws of Karma

Karma is the Consequences of Actions:

I like to think of karma in terms of banking; that our karma points depend on how we treat ourselves and others. The more one stand in their authentic power and live it, the more points that we earn. We can remove any karmic debt that we have inherited or created for ourselves if we have love for ourselves and humanity in our hearts and live in accordance with the laws.

We accumulate karmic debt if we live from our egotistical self rather than our authentic power and self. If we do not come from a place of respect for ourselves and others and participate in bullying, stealing, lying, cheating, and greed, our karma debt will continue to grow.

If you’re always wondering, “Why me?”
I am a good person who gives a lot but receives little in return.
That’s your answer…
“I give so much and get so little in return.”

For one thing, the scales are unbalanced, and for another, are you extending your energy and resources on someone who does not value what you do? 

This goes without saying, however any babies or young children that one may have do not fall into this category, as they are the responsibility of a parent. If you find yourself in this situation and are feeling overwhelmed, please see your doctor and reach out to those who can help you. Postnatal depression (or any type of depression) exists and therefore should be supported and treated.

Mistreating oneself can result in karma debt, which could include acting as someone else’s doormat. A person should always nourish and cherish oneself. This is when self-respect and self-love become important. The universe will repeatedly put a person through similar tests until they can learn their lesson, which is why karma is passed down through generations and lifetimes. Are we ready to break the cycle of our ancestors?

Have you ever come so close to achieving a goal or having a positive outlook on something just to have it taken away from you? Have you succumbed to the temptation? Giving someone a second chance? Despite the fact that the last time you learned your lesson? Stop sabotaging your happiness and start putting yourself first.

The Great Law:

Also referred to as cause and effect, whatever we put out into the universe will return to us. Everything, including our thoughts, is made up of energy. Everything we send out into the universe will eventually return to us, perhaps in a different form. It is often said that “we attract what we are,” so if we are constantly attracting chaos into our lives, where are we attracting this? Is it a result of our thought patterns? Does the mind have what is known as the monkey mind, which is a constant stream of thoughts? Do we have a habit of changing our minds? Could it be true that our homes aren’t clean and well-organised?

The Law of Creation:

This is fairly similar to gardening. To grow, one must first prepare the soil, then sow the seeds while nurturing and watering them. When the seed matures, it grows, and then one can reap the benefits. Weeds would take their place if we didn’t plant or nurture our seeds. If all we are getting is weeds (breadcrumbs), it’s time to get off the couch, and really look at what needs changing in our life. Divide our goals into manageable steps. Sometimes we can’t just jump from A to Z because we need to create the path that we want to take.

The Law of Humility:

Is the notion that one must be honest enough to acknowledge that one’s current circumstances are the product of one’s previous behaviour. When one take responsibility for our own personal behaviour, we can change our future.

The Law of Growth:

Growth must begin from inside, with the ability to expand one’s mindset with the attitude that one should take charge of our own opportunities with flexibility. While we may not be able to control conditions or people, we can manage our own attitude towards optimism and belief in the law of attraction.

The Law of Responsibility:

In adulthood, one must accept full responsibility for creating their own reality. We must accept responsibility for our own actions and how we respond to situations that arise in our lives. Once we accept ourselves without the ego pointing fingers at others to blame, then we have achieved the death of the ego and we’re well on our way to self-mastery. We can create a better future by being responsible for ourselves. 

The Law of Connection:

Everything, including our past, present, and future, is intertwined. Every action, thought, and person we have ever met is linked to us. Every event has led one along a route that has brought us closer to or further away from another. We can often find ourselves stuck on the same never-ending roller coaster, repeating the same old patterns over and over.

We won’t be able to influence our future until we change ourselves from within, and live from a place of love, honesty, and self-respect. Karma or dharma is always present in your auric field.

The Law of Focus:

This is the practise of mindfulness and the art of witnessing in action. We must be completely present in the moment, concentrating on one thing at a time, as thinking about multiple things can cause our thoughts to become scattered and occasionally distorted. 

The Law of Giving and Hospitality:

This is a simple rule: practise being the person or putting oneself in the situations that we want to attract into our lives. We must begin by living from a healthy heart space and gracefully expressing our truth if we wish to bring love, peace, and harmony into our lives. On the other hand, if one is constantly creating drama, disrespectful, self-centered, arrogant, liars, and so on, that is what we will attract.

The Law of Here and Now:

Don’t dwell on the past since it can induce or fuel depression, and don’t look too far forwards because it can trigger anxiety. Focus on the now with a healthy heart space and one can create the future that they desire.

The Law of Change:

Once we have learned our life lessons, it is up to us to make positive changes in our lives in order to achieve our goals. How can we expect different results if we don’t learn from our mistakes in the past? It is one’s responsibility to make changes when something isn’t working.

The Law of Patience and Reward:

Like a farmer, they must be patient after sowing their seeds. They nurture their seeds by watering them on a regular basis, and then reap the benefits of an abundant crop. We must maintain consistency in our goals. Once we do this with patience, we can manifest our desires into reality.

The Law of Significance and Inspiration:

When one contributes as a whole, such as by doing good deeds for themselves and others, we are able to harness that vibrational energy level to bring more goodness into our lives and the lives of others. As every good deed performed from the heart space raises one’s vibrational levels and can serve as an inspiration to our self, and others.

In Closing:

Because we are souls having a human experience, we are prone to making mistakes. So, instead of punishing oneself, make small changes if necessary. As making too many changes at once can lead to giving up too quickly. 

I would love to hear about the karma that you’ve cleared out?  Or how do you collect karma points?

Coming Next Week is: 12 Universal Laws. Are You Following Them Correctly?


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