Affirmations in 3 Easy Steps! Morning Routine.

Self-Love and Affirmations:

Affirmations are an important part of the self-love healing process. As one develops a new positive mindset and new thinking patterns. This enables the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. Remove the negative, harmful, and toxic thoughts and behaviours that we are not consciously aware of having.

Exercise Your Mind Daily:

Selecting a few positive affirmations on a daily basis can help a person make solid changes in their life. You may choose any one of the affirmations below for this post. Or you can simply write your very own that resonates with your own personal situation. I highly suggest that you either print, write, draw, or paint your affirmations. Keep your affirmations where you will be able to see them on a daily basis. This will reinforce your new positive ways of thinking. Be as creative as you can and design them to be colourful and vibrant. As happy and bright colors can enhance a person’s mood and vibrational levels.

Make it Your Morning Time Oath:

I do recommend morning time for the practice of affirmations. This will set the mood and vibrations for your day. Raising your consciousness to a positive mindset will help you throughout your day. Always start each morning with a new, refreshed outlook. You will learn that your thoughts and thinking patterns will determine the outcome of your day.

Every morning, find a nice, quiet place where you can make yourself as comfortable as possible. Repeat your chosen positive affirmations to yourself. Make sure that you don’t rush this process. If possible, take ten minutes out of your morning to incorporate this practice. I personally like to do my “affirmations and gratitude” before getting out of bed each morning. I know that this is not possible for everyone to achieve, especially when raising a young family. When my own children were young, showering was my only place of solitude. Every morning in the shower, I would repeat my new affirmations for that day.

Find Your Way Into Your Heart Space:

When you are repeating your chosen affirmations, I really want you to be aware of your body. Feel for any sensations of discomfort or negativity within the body. Due to negative programming, we believe that we are not deserving or good enough. These feelings stem from old and outdated programs that we were brought up to believe in. We are programmed from our time of conception (in the womb) and this continues throughout our life. We are taught negative traits throughout our lives and beliefs from other people. From those who may have had a negative attitude or a lack of a mindset, this can come from:

  • Parents and siblings.
  • Other family members.
  • Friends and acquaintances.
  • Relationship partners.
  • Teachers and bosses
  • All types of media.
  • Governments and rulers.
  • Celebrities, gurus and social influencers.

Before you start your affirmations, take a deep breath in and hold it for a moment. Gather any discomfort or negativity in your body and imagine it as a black cloud. On your out-breath, I want you to slowly release that black cloud of discomfort or negativity as loudly as you can.

Now close your eyes and with your left hand on your heart (only if you are comfortable doing so) say your affirmations and feel them move into your heart space. By doing this, we are anchoring our affirmations and opening your heart chakra. Continue to say your affirmations daily, as many times as needed, to help you along with your new bright future.


Thank you, dear beautiful souls, for trusting me to be your forwarding light. I appreciate the time that you have spent with me, and I would be honoured and grateful for any feedback that you may have. I would like to hear about your favourite affirmations. I am also open to suggestions for any future posts. If no one has told you today that you’re honored and that you are loved, I am holding that space for you right now. Because you are important. Sherry 💚

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