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Manifesting With the Archangels through Candle Magic.

Since the 4th century BC, candle magic has been used for rituals by many cultures, religions, occultism, esotericism, and spiritualists. Candle magic is one of the most effective ways to utilise the power of the four elements. Earth represents the unlit candle, and fire becomes the lit candle, the smoke represents the air, while the melting wax represents the water.

Candle Magic Should Not Be Used For:

  • For any evil purposes or to wish harm on another person, as it will come back to you threefold.
  • For any ceremonies when you are angry, desperate, or in a resentful frame of mind. As you’ll manifest more of this energy into your life.
  • To utilise on or against another person without their permission. The only exception to this rule is for energetic cord cutting rituals.
  • Asking for a miracle of an abundance of money. If you’re not a lotto player, etc and you expect to manifest a large amount of money out of nowhere, this could lead to manifesting a relative’s death. As your money would come in the form of an inheritance.
  • Love spells with a “particular person in mind.” Universal law recommends that everyone be allowed to have free will. By taking another person’s free will from them, you will be creating a karmic relationship that will teach you a lot of harsh lessons. You can manifest love or a life partner. However, be open to the universe to send the right person to you. Be clear on the type of person that you would like to manifest, but don’t be overly descriptive. Leave some room for the real magic to happen. Always remember that we manifest from our own vibrational level. If you want a partner to treat you better than your ex, practise self-love and set better boundaries for yourself and others.

Candle Magic Colours:

White Candle:

  • Archangel Gabriel.
  • Connection, protection, and unconditional love to the divine and your higher self.
  • For new beginnings.
  • Truth, purity, peace, clarity, and cleansing of energy.
  • Exorcism of entity attachments.

Red Candle:

  • Archangel Uriel.
  • Health, courage, life changes, and overcoming obstacles
  • Sexual love, passion, vital energy, and charisma.
  • Strength, survival, action, and stability.

Orange Candle:

  • Archangel Chamuel.
  • Self-love, courage, and joy.
  • Attraction, success, abundance, and opportunity.
  • Justice, legal and networking. 
  • Vitality, energy, joy, and creativity. 

Yellow Candle:

  • Archangel Jophiel.
  • Strength, confidence, and intelligence. 
  • Focus, and visualisation.
  • Friendship, joy and pleasure.
  • Protection, and memory.

Green Candle:

  • Archangel Raphael.
  • Physical healing, beauty, and overcome jealousy.
  • Peace, prosperity, abundance, and luck.
  • Nature, agriculture, fertility, growth and money.

Blue Candle:

  • Archangel Michael.
  • Communication, mental health, and emotional healing.
  • Psychic abilities, spirituality accession and connecting to higher-self.
  • Travelling, leadership and water.
  • Calm, forgiveness, honesty, and marriage.

Purple Candle:

  • Archangel Zadkiel.
  • Opening the third eye, magic, and psychic connection.
  • Wisdom, hidden knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Addictions and overcoming fears.
  • Ambition, writing, and protection.

Pink Candle:

  • Archangel Chamuel.
  • Self-love, soul love and friendships.
  • Romantic love, sensuality, and marriage.
  • Remove emotional ties and healing abuse.
  • Reconciliation, compassion, and nurturing one’s self or others.

Gold Candle:

  • Archangel Jophiel.
  • God, sun energy and masculine energy.
  • Divination, fame, fortune, and money.
  • Wealth, business, power and prosperity.

Silver Candle:

  • Archangel Uriel.
  • Moon energy, femininity and goddess energy.
  • Psychic powers, intuition, and dreams.
  • Purification and hidden potential.

Brown Candle:

  • Archangel Sandalphon.
  • Earth, animals and animal totem/guides.
  • Home protection and blessings.
  • Helps with finding lost objects.
  • Balance and harmony.
  • Hard work, stability and commitment.

Black Candle:

occult imagecredit kalhh

Buying and Using your Candles for Candle Magic:

Candle magic does not have to be complex or expensive. If affordability does allow you to spend extra, then I would suggest looking for organic products such as soy or plant wax candles. If you’re on a tight budget, use whatever you can afford. It is the intention and manner in which you programme your candles that is of the most importance.

I personally like to use tea light candles as they burn for approximately two hours for my candle magic rituals. Due to their longer burning hours, larger alter and pillar candles are not usually recommended for candle magic. Unless you have a weekly schedule for the same intentions for your manifestations, otherwise it is best to avoid these type of candles. In this case, your intentions must flow in alignment from your previous ritual. Never blow out your candles, as you will also blow away your manifestations. Dispel the flame without blowing on it.

Always use discernment when working with candles. Never leave your candles unattended or near flammable items. Be cautious around curtains, pets, and young children. It’s recommended that your candles continue to burn to nothing for your candle magic ritual to manifest. Choose tea light candles (or chime candles) with a minimum burning time. Make sure that they are burning in a safe and secure place.

Candle Magic Preparation:

Before lighting your candles, find a comfy and peaceful place to sit. Now think clearly about what you would like to manifest. Make sure that you have a very clear idea of what you would like to manifest. If you have any confusion or fears, you’ll be putting this energy into your candle. This is something that you want to avoid, as you will be manifesting confusion in your life. Drop into your heart space and feel for the right words and write them down on paper.

Prepare your items before beginning your ceremony ritual. You can also engrave words, sigils, and symbols onto your candles. Feel love, peace, and harmony in and around your body. Be as creative as you like. In addition, one can also use herbs or anoint their candles with their chosen oils to give more power to their manifestations. I also enjoy listening to 888hz binaural beats whilst I meditate on the flame of the candle and I visualise what I would like to manifest or let go of. 

angels credit dimitrisvetsikas1969


Remember to ask the Archangel(s) who represent the colour(s) of your chosen candle(s) to help you manifest with candle magic. Prayers are also another form of manifestations as you can manifest a healthier you. A few example are:

  • “Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Chamuel, please be with me right now. Thank you for supporting me in manifesting the removal of any energy that no longer serve my highest good from my mind, body, and spirit. Please remove any energy blocks and instil the self-love I require to progress.”
  • “Archangels Chamuel and Gabriel, please be with me right now. Thank you so much for supporting me in manifesting a divine love connection in my life. I’d like to meet someone who shares my values and beliefs. Someone with an open heart chakra who is dedicated to faithfulness, loyalty, and honesty. This person should have a good sense of humour, be commutative, understanding, and be able to balance work and personal life. Someone who is genuine in their happiness, health, and mental stability, as well as compassionate in their desire to live their best life.”
  • “Archangels Jophiel and Uriel, please be with me right now. Thank you for assisting me in manifesting my financial blessings and bringing options into my life to help me with my finances. I’d like to pay off my credit card debt and open a savings account to go towards a down payment on my dream home. I’d like a higher-paying career with additional benefits that I enjoy. One with a good employer and coworkers, as well as one that is closer to my home to save money on travel. A lottery win would be a wonderful addition as well.”

Please remember to thank the archangel(s) again after your ceremony. It is also recommended to always include a white or black candle in all your manifestations. This is to protect your energy and what you would like manifest during your ritual.

I hope your candle magic practises bring you blessings. Let me know what your favourite candle magic ritual is in the comments area below.

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