Is the Coronavirus the Newest Heartbreaker?

Broken Heart and Corona:

Is the coronavirus to blame for your heartbreak? You just want the earth to swallow you whole because you just can’t cope with the hurt, misery, false delusions, revenge, wrath, and depression. Or have you reached a point where you wish you didn’t exist on this planet?

People are heartbroken for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the stigma of being heartbroken solely because of the end of a relationship is an outdated conclusion. This global epidemic of coronavirus is an excellent example of how someone can experience a broken heart. People are dealing with the sadness of a world that is constantly changing on a daily basis. When one’s choices or freedom are no longer theirs to make.

The Coronavirus has Inflicted:

  • Loss of freedom to travel.
  • Unexpected financial burdens.
  • Result from employment changes or income losses.
  • Experiencing unexpected changes in your personal circumstances.
  • Lockdowns, the vaccination enforced laws, are separating relatives and friends.
  • Living situations or home life have drastically changed.
  • The tragic death of family members or acquaintances as a result of the strain of coronavirus.

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy – aka – Broken-Heart Syndrome:

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy is a significant cardiac disease that has a negative impact on a person’s physical and mental health. A fractured heart’s symptoms are strikingly similar to those of a heart attack. Severe chest aches and breathing difficulties are the symptoms, which are caused by anxiety, stress, and possibly shock. There are no clogged arteries in or around the heart, which is the only difference between it and a true heart attack.

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Extreme Emotional Stress and Grief that the Corona Virus might bring About:

  • As a result of the death, departure, or separation from a partner.
  • Extreme financial loss – when your business, home, farm, or capacity to sustain yourself or your family.
  • Cut off from your support network of loved ones, family, friends, groups, etc.
  • A major accident or an unanticipated medical condition may leave you with little to no long-term rehabilitation or trauma.

Please see your family doctor or a specialist for a proper diagnosis if you have any medical concerns or symptoms. When medical problems are detected early on, they have a better chance of recovering completely. Don’t let depression fester; reach out to someone. When you have a support group, the path is much clearer and easier.

For nearly two years, stress and grief have been a universal issue as our world has been changed forever. Our freedom has been restricted, similar to that of those who live in communist countries, where they have no personal power. I pray for these countries. That the almighty intervenes and raises collective consciousness, allowing all humans to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

I’m ashamed of myself for being so ignorant and for not appreciating the life that I had before. I took my independence for granted, oblivious to the fact that others did not have the same level of decision-making flexibility. I understand that it is my mission to keep hope alive and to educate people about the importance of continuing to increase our consciousness in order to create a better society.

Australia has traditionally been known as a “fortunate country,” with a wide range of choices. My own country has transformed in front of my eyes, and the violence I’ve seen, particularly in the state of Melbourne, has been devastating to see. The police force’s aggression, pushing, and shoving of the elderly is unprecedented in my nearly half-century of living in my nation. 

My firm belief has always been; “Never do to others, what you don’t want done unto you.”

Picture of covid vaccine bottles
image- credit-pixabay-torstensiman

Support for Pro-choice and Peace:

I am a firm believer in the right to choose. Vaccinations are not something that I oppose. I believe that a person’s choice to choose whether or not to get vaccinated for the corona should be respected in their decision. We the human race (particularly any government) should have no authority to enforce whether or not anyone should be immunised. We should respect the personal opinions and wishes of others. No one has the right or wrong answer as we are all individuals with different views and beliefs. A person’s persona, relationships, job security, or money should never be dictated or threatened by anyone.

All of our previous worldwide battles resulted in PTSD, and now this virus has resulted in widespread depression, suicides, and a slew of other conditions, including Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, as a long-term consequence. I’ve already treated many people holistically who had been vaccinated against their will and beliefs. To keep their employment, see their families and friends, and some normalcy to living a regular life.

Since the coronavirus made the headlines, it appears that all other ailments have vanished or have been magically cured. When was the last time you heard about influenza, cancer, heart disease, or asthma (without the coronavirus attachment) in the news?

How is it that the governments have not spared any expense in enforcing the corona’s restrictions? When the majority of countries lack adequate health care, running water, and other basic services? Something doesn’t add up here?

In Closing – Choose to Live From your Heart Space:

Be kind and non judgmental to your family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, and to your enemies. No one knows a person’s story or the personal struggles that they have experienced. Or how you would have fared in the same situation under the same circumstances that they have experienced from birth.

If you’re struggling on a daily basis, please reach out to someone… If you see someone struggling, react from your heart space with a non judgemental stance. Always use your discernment but act with compassion and kindness.

I hope that everyone stays safe. Much love and light to everyone. Sherry 💚

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