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Divine Timing 101. The Fool Proof Guide.

Divine timing. Have you ever attempted to manifest something into your life and wondered why it never materialised? Even though you have been manifesting night and day. Or, have you ever pondered why a particular incident occurred at a specific time in your life? Well, you are not alone. We have all pondered the question, “Why me?” or “Why now?” This is referred to as divine timing, and it is extremely important to our evolving life journey.

What exactly is Divine Timing, and how does it function?

We often hear the term “divine timing,” but what precisely does that imply? It is the universal power that causes events, situations, people, and life lessons to happen at just the right time in a person’s life journey. 

It is the belief that everything occurs exactly when it is supposed to.

While we cannot control this timing, we can take actions to help the manifestation process move at a faster rate. However, we can also delay and block ourselves if we try to intervene in a unstable or forceful manner for an outcome. These become our life lessons, and we will continue with the delay of manifesting until we have learned the lessons that we need to on our path.

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How to Accept and Trust in Divine Timing:

To accept and trust in divine timing, we must first balance our ego. Even though the ‘ego’ is not a bad thing, as our ego serves a protective function in our lives. However, when we operate solely on ego, we create blockages along our path.

We may believe that we are healed and ready for a situation, circumstance, or relationship to enter or be in our lives. Regrettably, we are not always the best person to make this decision. Our ego can cloud our judgement, leading us to believe that we are ‘less’ or ‘more’ deserving in that period of our lives.

We may need to change our thought patterns and the way we react to situations around us. Sometimes we settle for less than we deserve, or we aim too high without the necessary life skills that we need to proceed. The universe knows exactly what lesson we need to experience, and usually this is a lesson of self-love and patience.

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We are never given more than we are able to handle, even though at times we wonder how much more we can take. The universe wants you to give yourself more credit for how strong you really are. Divine timing does not work on human time or according to any calendar or clock. Transformation is the most powerful way to accelerate the manifestation of divine timing into your life. Everything happens for a reason, therefore our experiences are never too early or too late. When you are in alignment with your path, manifestations will happen at the correct time. 

How to Clear the Path for Divine Timing:

Even though we are the creators of our own lives, we must acknowledge that everything happens for a reason. We are bound by the divine timing law, which works in conjunction with the universal and karma laws. We have to take responsibility for (karma debt) all of our past actions in this life time (and also past lives if it resonates for you) and any uncleared ancestral karma that has been programmed into your being.

Avoid living in the past because it can lead to depression, and avoid looking too far into the future since it can lead to anxiety. Both of these activities place obstacles in our way. Keep your attention on making yourself healthy, happy and live in the now.

We must also learn to let go of control and trust that God or the universe (or whoever you believe in) has our best interests at heart. By finishing our life lessons and aligning with our genuine authenticity and self-love, we can erase the obstacles that block our goals. When we achieve this, you will automatically know that everything will happen when it is supposed to.

Divine Timing and Relationships:

Never try to attract, use magic, or coerce someone back into your life who has ghosted, loved bombed, or walked away from you. This can be in relation to either friendships or romantic relationships. If someone truly wanted to be in your life, they would still be there. When a person continues to repeat the same heartbreaking situations and patterns when they entice someone back into their lives, it delays the right type of relationship from entering one’s life.

A relationship should not be labelled. This enables the learning of extremely difficult karmic life lessons. When people use labels like “twin flames” or “soul mates,” they are more likely to enter into abusive relationships.

Losing someone that you love can be very painful, but how many times does a person allow the same individual to keep making false promises and excuses for their behaviour? Everyone is entitled to a second chance, but what about a fourth, fifth, or tenth? It’s time to move on from that particular relationship, which is nothing more than a karmic life lesson. It’s time to get off the never-ending merry-go-round of disappointment, heartbreak, and pain.

If a person lacks self-esteem, self-love, or personal boundaries, they will attract a friend or partner who lacks these qualities as well. If we have learned to heal through self-love, then divine timing will reward us with a loving, caring partner who respects us.

These are some things to ponder. “How do you truly feel about yourself?” Do all of your relationships, romantic or platonic, share a common theme or experience? What do you need to heal to bring yourself up to the vibrational match to attract the type of relationship that you desire? Do you need to heal inner child trauma? Or do you need to work on your own shadow work?

Angel Numbers for Divine Timing & Manifestations:

Have you ever seen the same number repeated several times? Is it too coincidental that you keep seeing the same number pattern everywhere you go? Or is it a universal message? I will let you decide. However, this is my take on angel numbers.

Repeating Angel Numbers – 2’s and 0’s (20, 200, 202 etc)

The 2 vibration is all about balance, harmony, peace and love.  2 is also the number of duality and polarity.
When the 2 and 0 combination repeatedly appears in your life, the angel’s message is to do with ‘Divine Timing’. Certain factors need to fall into place before your desired result can come to full fruition and you are asked to be patient whilst things are being organized behind the scenes by your angels and the Universe. The message is to hold onto your faith and trust and be patient for a little while longer. Joanne 
Sacred Scribes

Personally, I am a massive fan of Joanne’s wisdom and guidance, and her knowledge has helped me through some difficult times in my own spiritual journey. While I am qualified in numerology and working with angels, I appreciate her extensive knowledge database and often refer people to her wisdom files.

While there are many angel numbers for manifesting your goals into your life, these numbers can also be used to accelerate divine timing.

The number 8 is a karmic number, but it is also a number for manifestation. The more this is multiplied, as in 88, 888, and 8888, the deeper the manifestation becomes.

The number 1111 is a powerful manifestation number. Be careful of your thoughts! The number 11 is also another powerful karmic number. I always find it funny how people relate this number to coming into alignment with the twin flame journey.

The numbers of 1 & 8 together – 18, 181,188, 881… powerful numbers to manifest with, however, one can manifest bad things into their life too. Keep your thoughts positive, full of love, and know that the universe has your back.

The numbers of 2 & 9 together – 29, 929, 292, 922… added together, 2+9=11. Have you just finished a karmic cycle? The universe wants to reward you for learning your lessons.

Tarot Cards that can be Associated with Divine Timing:

Associated with Divine Timing.

While there are many Oracle cards that speak about divine timing, there are only two tarot cards that I believe (as an intuitive reader) represent this in a reading. The meaning of a card, however, can change depending on its position (in a spread) and the cards around it. So, please keep this in consideration if you have a reading.

The Temperance card represents harmony, dignity, patience, and divine balance. It is a highly intuitive card. Upright – Using discernment, by aligning with your higher self, and clearing your path of obstacles with having patience. Reversed – Obstacles in your path that are slowing you down due to loss of your authentic personal power.

The Wheel of Fortune card represents karma, life cycles, change, beginnings, and endings are all inevitable. Upright – Life is continuous changing and evolving and things will come to you naturally when the time is right. Reversed – Misguided direction, unexpected change, or life lessons at play.

Many other tarot cards can suggest timing, and when used in conjunction with the Temperance and Wheel of Fortune cards, they can provide a comprehensive picture of the process. These cards, from the quickest to the slowest, are: All of the Aces; Knight of Swords; Eight of Wands; Knight of Pentacles; and The Hermit.

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