The Secret of Healing Your Body. Part Four of Four.


Welcome to the final installment of “The Healing Secret of Your Body.” If you’re new to the series, please start with Part 1 here. Where I explain how our mental health affects our overall well-being within our bodies, as well as how to scan and connect with our bodies. Continue to do body scans and nurture the location of your body once you’ve identified where your thoughts have trapped and blocked energy in your body.

Healing your Spine:

If you’ve completed the previous three series, the solutions to these questions should be self-evident in terms of self-healing. It is now up to us as individuals to make adjustments to these old patterns and mental programming once we are aware of how our personal behaviours and beliefs affect our bodies.

Top of the Spine Area Healing:

C1- Symptoms can be anxiety, dizziness, mental disruptions, headaches, migraines, and sleeping disturbances. Do you frequently have automatic physiological reactions (Flight or Fight)? Or are you too preoccupied with other people’s problems and not enough with your own? Do you engage in mental mind games?

C2 – Symptoms can be related to our ears, eyes, sinuses, and allergies. Are you living in your ego mind, thinking that you know everything? Or are you angry and frustrated and have the feeling of being disconnected or disempowered?

C3 – Symptoms can include teeth grinding and skin disorders such as acne and eczema. Do you have low self-esteem and confidence? Do you listen to and believe other people’s negative beliefs? Are you feeling constrained, impatient, or irritated?

C4 – Symptoms can be related to the eyes, adenoids, sinuses, ears, and fevers. Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Are you clinging to your inner child trumas and shadow self? Or do you suppress your feelings and finally explode like a firecracker?

C5 – Symptoms can be related to throat issues such as sore throats and laryngitis. Have you been humiliated or ridiculed on numerous occasions? Or do you often feel embarrassed?

C6 – Symptoms can be related to the shoulders and the stiffness in the neck. Are you still clinging to old beliefs and fears of change and the unknown? Feeling stuck, stressed and having anxiety? Are you too busy fixing other people’s lives whilst ignoring your own? 

C7 – Symptoms can be related to thyroid and shoulder problems such as frozen shoulders and elbow problems? Are you heartbroken or do you have a feeling of being disconnected or even feeling numb?

Mid Back Area Healing:

T1– Symptoms can be related to the whole arm and hand region. It can also relate to respiratory and breathing problems. Are you very overwhelmed by the responsibilities in your life? Do you have faith in your own decision-making abilities or that the universe/god will support you if you genuinely seek guidance?

T2 – Symptoms can be related to chest infections and heart problems. Are you clinging to the pain of a previous heartbreak? Do you feel like a victim in your current situation? Do you have any self-esteem, self-belief or self-love?

T3 – Symptoms can be related to respiratory infections, such as the flu, and chest congestions. Do you have a sense of exhaustion and burnout? Do you put your trust in others rather than yourself? Inability to maintain consistent emotions?

T4 – Symptoms can be related to gall bladder, shingles and jaundice. Do you have feelings of jealousy and envy? Are you holding on to unresolved pain and trauma? Are you afraid to take the next step in your life?

T5 – Symptoms can be related to low blood pressure, poor circulation, liver problems, and fevers. Do you suppress your emotions and disregard your emotional health? Have you lost your way in life?

T6 – Symptoms can be related to stomach problems such as bloating and indigestion. Excessive weight gain and heartburn. Are you in a relationship or situation that is not serving your best interests? Do you have a constant state of stress, worry, and fear of rejection and failure? Do you feel as if you have no control over your life?

T7 – Symptoms can be related to diabetes, gastritis, ulcers, and pancreatitis. Do you consider yourself a victim and harbour resentment and bitterness? Are you overly serious and seeking to gain acceptance from others?

T8 – Symptoms can be related to low energy levels and a weakened immune system. Congestion caused by mucus and coughing. Are you stubborn and hold grudges? Do you get easily hurt and are easily influenced?

T9 – Symptoms can be related to fatigue, allergies, hives, and adrenal glands. Does your emotional state quickly shift from happiness to sadness? Do you always put the needs of others ahead of your own? Are you a perfectionist who is concerned about how others see you?

T10 – Symptoms can be related to atherosclerosis, kidney conditions and chronic fatigue syndrome. Having difficulty letting go of old hurts and betrayals? Are you angry, resentful, or judgemental? Are you stubborn or self-centered?

T11 – Symptoms can be related to skin conditions such as pimples, and eczema, and kidney conditions. Do you seem to attract low vibrational relationships all the time? Never felt like you belonged or are accepted anywhere?

T12 – Symptoms can be related to rheumatism and infertility. Do you believe you deserve to suffer and struggle? Are you always self-sabotaging, and feeling guilty?

Lower Back Area Healing:

L1 – Symptoms can be related to bowel conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, and hernias. Do you make good on your spoken promises? Do you harbour resentment because of unresolved issues? Suffer from depression and find it difficult to forgive?

L2 – Symptoms can be related to abdominal discomfort, breathing difficulties, appendicitis, and thigh pain. Do you want to give up on life? Have you never coped with a traumatic event from your childhood? Do you live your life to the fullest, despite the outcome?

L3 – Symptoms can be related to problems with the bladder and incontinence. Sexual dysfunction and impotency. Periods that are painful and problems with the ovaries. Knee issues. Do you struggle with commitment and communication issues in your relationships? Are you dismissive to your feelings and problems? Do you have a lot of sexual desires, or none at all?

L4 – Symptoms can be related to pain in the lower back and sciatica. Prostrate and urinary dysfunctional problems. Do you feel powerless and unable to manage your finances? Do you have a fear of failure and are under a lot of stress? Are you unsure about where you’re going? Are you abstaining from or obsessing over sex?

L5 – Symptoms can be related to leg difficulties and a lack of circulation such as leg cramps, swollen and weak ankles, and cold feet. Do you believe you are a victim? Have you ever felt betrayed, abandoned, or emotionally unstable? Feeling vulnerable, betrayed, and unable to trust others?


Thank you for letting me be your light. I’d be happy to hear from you to find out what you think of my four-part series of healing your body. Any recommendations for new blog posts or healing series that aids spiritual enlightenment, healing approaches or healing modalities are welcome. Healing with Sherry 💚

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