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The Secret of Healing Your Body. Part One of Four.


Healing takes the understanding that everything in our universe is energy and is the key to healing your ailments, discomforts, infections, and diseases. That includes our thoughts and emotions, which are the most important and significant aspects of our well-being. Our mental health, as well as how we view life and everything in it, creates an environment for our physical bodies.

If we continue to think in terms of negativity, guilt, shame, fear, and rigidity, we will become irritated, depressed, misunderstood, stiff, and unable to go ahead and move freely in our lives. One of the most common ailments is stress, which has a significant impact on one’s health. Stress, in my opinion, leads the body to become cancerous amongst many other fatal diseases.

This is a brief guide to walk you through some of the reasons why you could be having issues or medical problems with a specific region of your body. Our bodies contain billions of cells, and it is proven that our emotions and thoughts programme our cells. You may or may not be able to relate to any of the questions; please use your best judgement. One just needs an open mind before they can set out on their healing journey.

Learn to Scan your Body:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lay down.
  • Quieten your mind and concentrate on taking deep breaths in and slowly exhaling them.
  • Place all your concentration on your feet and slowly work your way up to your knees and so on.
  • If you feel any blockages or pain in any area focus on that area. Keep breathing in and out deeply, ask your body if it has a message for you. This message may come in many different ways, words, phrases, memories or feelings. Do not judge them – just take note of them, either mentally or write them down if needed.
  • Send that area forgiveness and love. Imagine if it were an injured child and you nurtured that spot.
  • Continue your body scanning, keep repeating the above instructions until you reach the top of your head.
  • Now your relaxed and ready to work out where your body needs healing.

A to E Healing:

Ankles – Feeling trapped in a toxic situationship or relationship? Do you feel weighed down with too much responsibility and not know which direction to take? You must make progress in the direction of stability. It’s time to trust your intuition and put yourself first without feeling guilty about it.

Right ankle; Are you hesitantly following in the footsteps of your father? Or are you being tested by a dominant male? It’s time to step into your own power, to stand up for what you want to achieve, and to stop trying to please others.

Left ankle; Do you feel like you’re a slave to your family? You’re not paying attention to the same advise you give to others? It’s time to love and nurture yourself, and figure out what’s essential to you.

Anus – Are you clinging to outmoded family programming? Are you clinging to old feelings of rage, fear, loss, betrayal, delusions, or abandonment? It’s time to stop controlling and judging yourself and others. Forgive, let go, release, and believe in new ideas and beginnings, and know that you are deserving of happiness.

Arms – Feeling stuck and out of control? You’re avoiding new opportunities because you’re afraid or insecure? It’s time to quiet the monkey mind and open yourself up to new and exciting possibilities.

Right arm; Do you have a domineering, controlling male in your life, or do you harbour resentment towards a male? Are you a perfectionist or do you sweat the small stuff? It’s time to forgive and regain control of your situation. Life is too short to spend it wallowing in resentment and unhappiness.

Left arm; Are you feeling betrayed, hurt, or sad, or do you have painful memories of a significant female figure in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed because you believe others take you for granted and manipulate you? It’s time to forgive yourself as well as others. You must establish boundaries in your life and maintain an equal balance of giving and taking. Allow others to solve their own problems; if you keep patching them up, they’ll never learn.

Back – You’re carrying too many stored emotions in your body, and they’re tightly suppressed, giving you the perception that you’re not being supported, and you’ve become overwhelmed. It is time to seek counselling with a mentor to assist you in unpacking these emotions. A full chakra balancing is also recommended for general healing.

Upper back; Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and shouldering too many responsibilities? Do you feel unsupported, or are you burdened by negativity, fear, worry, and a lack of trust? It’s time to quiet the monkey mind; you need to find healthy ways to deal with life’s stresses.

Middle back; Feeling stuck in your past memories and unable to move forward? Are you overly emotional and sensitive? It’s time to focus on the present rather than the past, as you no longer live there. Make a change in your life today, because you are solely responsible for your own happiness.

Lower back; Have you worked through your childhood trauma? Are you constantly concerned about your financial and survival? It’s time to put your past behind you, stop feeling like a victim, and take charge of creating a better and brighter future.

Bones – Are you respecting and nurturing your body in the way that you should? Are you overly rigid, inflexible, obstinate, and resentful? Your bones are the foundation of your body and must be treated with care. Are you unknowingly punishing yourself? It’s time to recognise that your persona is in charge of your structure.

Brittle bones, as well as other degenerative diseases or conditions, are caused by a lack of self-care. You must look after and nourish yourself both mentally and physically. Broken bones are a psychological form of self-punishment for something that has caused deep woundings. Our thoughts and behaviours shape our reality, so don’t expect to move painlessly and freely if you’re inflexible, stubborn, or overly rigid.

Bowels – Are you so obstinate that your motto is “my way or the highway?” Are you holding on to outdated beliefs because you are afraid of the unknown and changes? Could you be resentful of others and you blame them for all of your problems. Or are you a perfectionist who believes you must give everyone instructions? It’s time to take a good look at your life, make a changes and heal your traumas. Make your heart chakra available to yourself and others.

Bladder – Are you angry, annoyed or pissed off? It’s time to let go of the feelings of being angry, sad or guilty from your personal circumstances. Release and forgive any grudges that you may have, and trust by letting go that the universe is guiding you in the right direction.

Brain – Your negative self-image has an impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Many illnesses, diseases, and confusions are caused by negative beliefs. Believe that you are deserving and that you are sufficient. Every day, practise self-love and appreciation. Your brain is outdated and has to be reprogrammed with new ways of thinking.

Breast – Are you feeling unloved, tired or run down? You need to nourish and nurture your mind, body, and soul with self-love. Set boundaries and know that you deserve the best. You have earned the right to be pampered on a regular basis without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Ears – Stop any negative self-talk or disillusionment and let go of all negativity. Your ears are listening and they do not agree with you. Start by opening your ears to new ideas and the wisdom of others who have been on their healing journey.

Right ear; Are you hurting or think poorly of yourself? Let go of negative beliefs and avoid conflicting situations. A great deal of childhood trauma is manifested here. You are worthy of being heard as long as you are speaking the truth to yourself and others.

Left ear; Are you judging yourself? Are you being chastised by others? It’s time to boost your self-esteem by practising self-love for healing to begin.

Elbows – Have you recently suffered heartbreak? From a situation, a person, or being overly critical of oneself? Time to let go and choose a new direction of self-love and know that the situation is not meant for you.

Right elbow; Are you allowing others to trample on you? Are people constantly interfering with or harassing you? Let go of old wounds. It’s time to set firm boundaries and remove yourself from any situation that isn’t beneficial to you.

Left Elbow; Do you believe in your own divine power, or do you rely on others? Or are you overly emotional and believe that others aren’t supporting you? Being overly emotional or suppressing emotions causes a great deal of discord. It’s time to rebalance your root chakra and reclaim your power.

Eyes – What truths and desires are you depriving yourself of? It’s time to see and know your truth. You are accountable for yourself, open your eyes to the endless opportunities.

Right eye; Are you having difficulties in your life or in your relationships? It’s time to think outside the box in order to attract riches and prosperity in these areas. It’s time to try something new.

Left eye; Putting your attention on what you can’t alter just leads to additional anxiety and unhappiness. It’s time to stop focusing on the unpleasant aspects of your life and start focusing on the positive. Unless you reprogram your thoughts, nothing will change in your life.

Disclaimer: I am not a licenced medical professional, thus any conditions you may have should be diagnosed by your doctor or a specialist. When taking advice from others, always use your own judgement, as you are the owner of your body and will know what that of healing works for you..

Coming next week will be Part 2. Please leave a comment on any healing methods that you use or of an aliment that you would like me to cover in my series. The below picture illustrates some of the areas that I will be covering. With love, healing and positive thoughts – Sherry 💚

Healing the body
Where do you need healing?

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