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The Secret of Healing Your Body. Part Three of Four.


Welcome to the third installment of “The Healing Secret of Your Body.” If you’re new to the series, please start with Part 1 here. Where I explain how our mental health affects our overall well-being within our bodies, as well as how to scan and connect with our bodies. Continue to do body scans and heal the location of your body once you’ve identified where your thoughts have trapped and blocked energy in your body.

We can overcome many health obstacles once we reprogram our way of thinking, especially regarding ourselves. Self-love and forgiveness for ourselves and others are critical components of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Masculine and Feminine Energies:

A human body, regardless of a person’s gender, contains both masculine and feminine energies. Our right hand side of the body is ruled by our masculine energies, whilst the left hand side is ruled by the feminine energies. This rule, however, does not apply to our brains, and how we process our thinking.

Brain: The masculine rules the left hand side of the brain, which is logical, confident, authoritative, and independent thinking. The feminine rules the right half of the brain, which is sensitive, creative, nurturing intuitive and healing.

A healthy balance of masculine and feminine energies is needed for healing our bodies, this requires balancing the energies of our chakra energy throughout our bodies. This clears up any blockages that we may have, healing our inner child trumas and shadow self

M to W Healing:

Mouth – Is your throat chakra balanced? Are you feeding yourself too much garbage, whether this be food or your thoughts? It’s time to speak your truth to yourself first for healing to take place. Once this is achieved, your truth will be spoken freely to others. Open your heart chakra and see everything with love.

Muscles – Is your monkey mind tensing you up inside, making your body rigid and tense? Are you suppressing your emotions in order to control your fears? Do you feel overburdened by your responsibilities? It’s time to understand your emotions so you can let them go. Be more adaptable in your life and avoid taking on other people’s burdens. Know that you are enough, and once you accept yourself, others will too.

Neck – Do you have unresolved issues with ex-partners, family, or friends? Is it so heavy that your emotions become overwhelmed and that you never feel heard? Is your monkey mind on high alert, or do you feel trapped and pressured into doing something that is not in your best interests? It’s time to let go of your negative self and monkey mind and reconnect with your intuition – your third eye chakra. Forgiveness is required for yourself and others; close the door on the past and take control of the present. It’s your future, so make it a happy one.

Nose – What is your intuition telling you? Are you following your instincts? Being judgemental does not look good on anyone. It’s time to take your power back and be in control of your own destiny. Practise self-love than you’ll be able to attract the love that you seek.

Ovaries – Do you need to feel validated by your lover, or partner? You do not require validation from any male figure in your life, past or present. Rejection serves as a form of protection, and you’re worth far more than you’ve been given. It’s time to move on to the next phase of your life. Allow yourself to let go of your past because you are no longer live there. It’s time to begin a new path and take charge of your own destiny.

Pancreas – Do you feel suffocated or unloved? Feeling gloomy and powerless over your life, as if you’re constantly confused and a victim? You must not continue to fuel your sugar and anxiety levels. Your analytical mind, which is creating a monkey mind, must be controlled. You have more power than you realise, and now is the time to tap into it. Turn your stubbornness into a source of inspiration.

Penis – Do you ever feel as if you’ve been abandoned or rejected? Do you struggle with feelings of unworthiness and self-love? Do you have difficulties in your relationships, both romantic and non-romantic? You are the architect of your own life, you must let go of any prior traumas, criticisms, or judgments about yourself. Acknowledge that you are valuable, that you deserve love for healing to begin.

Pineal Gland – Are you feeling disconnected, isolated, and perplexed? Do you have a lack of awareness of your own and others’ behaviour? Or are you allowing others to direct your actions? It’s time to bring your mind, body, and soul into alignment in order to claim your power and make clear intentions. Align with your higher self and create the reality of your heart desires.

Pituitary Gland – Do you feel disheartened, lost, or confused, as if you don’t have the energy to go on? You’re having so much trouble making decisions that you just want to give up. It’s time to activate your right hemisphere of the brain. To be enlightened by your intuition, seek wisdom by letting go of judging and criticising yourself and others, as this creates illusions in your environment.

Shoulder – Are you attempting to protect your heart and shielding it from heartbreak caused by a person or a situation? Are you feeling rejected, worried, uneasy, or unsure of what to do next? Allow yourself to heal and let go of anything that isn’t serving you. You have the strength to keep going; you don’t need to carry all that weight around with you. If a situation is meant for you, it will return; don’t try to force anything. Live life and don’t wait around for life to happen for you.

Spine – Are you critical of yourself and trapped in old habits? You must have faith in your decisions and be willing to go with the flow. In the part four of the series, I will write a comprehensive blog on the cervical spine. Please join my mailing list or subscribe to my YouTube channel to ensure that you don’t miss any future updates.

Stomach – Do you have a hard time accepting fresh ideas and information? Do you go after other people before they go after your persona? Do you let your toxic ego rule your life? What chemicals are you ingesting that aren’t supposed to be in your body? It’s time to think about whether your emotions, situations, settings, people, foods, and beverages are working in your best interest. It’s time to master your fear and let go of that which isn’t serving you. It’s time to clean up your habits, space, and the people who surround you.

Testes – Do you have issues with your sexuality? Do you feel uneasy and intimidated because you’re carrying around guilt and shame? Stop living in your past; as you no longer belong there! Let go of all your expectations because you are more than enough. Trust that the universe will support you once you let go.

Thighs – Do you have a hard time loving yourself and taking care of yourself? Do you ignore or suppress your emotions? Are you critical, judgemental, and set in your ways? It’s time to focus on self-love and expand your horizons. Your chakras must be stabilised.

Thymus – Are you defensive? Have you built walls around your heart and pushed people away in the fear of being rejected? It’s time for you to work on your heart chakra and self-love. Set healthy boundaries that are not too high and live from a place of self-acceptance and love.

Throat – Do you have problems communicating and expressing yourself? Do you constantly feel misunderstood and self-sabotage? To improve your self-esteem, incorporate self-love into your daily life. You are deserving of being heard and speaking your truth.

Thyroid – Do you feel suffocated? Life can be very overwhelming and you feel like you are drowning. It’s time to put yourself first and become empowered by self-love. Voice your desires, set healthy boundaries and take time out just for you.

Vagina – Do you believe you are unworthy and undeserving? Do you feel used, rejected, and humiliated? Are you in toxic relationships in which you give more than you get? Do you find yourself pitying yourself all of the time? Stop allowing yourself to be a victim. Set personal boundaries for yourself and others. You are a goddess who is deserving of love and adoration. If you’ve had a lot of trauma, whether from sexual experiences, childbirth, or menstruation issues, I’d recommend looking into Yoni Healing.

Wrist – Are you living in fear? Are you always expecting the worst from yourself and others? Time to come into alignment with love, as love is the light to freedom from darkness. Time to reconnect to your root and heart chakras.

Disclaimer: I am not a licenced medical professional, thus any conditions you may have should be diagnosed by your doctor or a specialist. When taking advice from others, always use your own judgement, as you are the owner of your body and will know what that of healing works for you..

Coming next week will be Part 4.

Healing with Sherry 💚

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A healthy mental health is the key to healing the body.

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