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The Secret of Healing Your Body. Part Two of Four.


This is the Part two version of ‘The Secret of Healing Your Body’. If you missed Part one of the series, head over here. If you have already read part one, please feel free to skip the recap of these first two sections and head down to the heading of F to L.

Healing takes the understanding that everything in our universe is energy and is the key to healing your ailments, discomforts, infections, and diseases. That includes our thoughts and emotions, which are the most important and significant aspects of our well-being. Our mental health, as well as how we view life and everything in it, creates an environment for our physical bodies.

If we continue to think in terms of negativity, guilt, shame, fear, and rigidity, we will become irritated, depressed, misunderstood, stiff, and unable to go ahead and move freely in our lives. One of the most common ailments is stress, which has a significant impact on one’s health. Stress, in my opinion, leads the body to become cancerous amongst many other fatal diseases.

This is a brief guide to walk you through some of the reasons why you could be having issues or medical problems with a specific region of your body. Our bodies contain billions of cells, and it is proven that our emotions and thoughts programme our cells. You may or may not be able to relate to any of the questions; please use your best judgement. One just needs an open mind before they can set out on their healing journey.

Learn to Scan your Body:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lay down.
  • Quieten your mind and concentrate on taking deep breaths in and slowly exhaling them.
  • Place all your concentration on your feet and slowly work your way up to your knees and so on.
  • If you feel any blockages or pain in any area focus on that area. Keep breathing in and out deeply, ask your body if it has a message for you. This message may come in many different ways, words, phrases, memories or feelings. Do not judge them – just take note of them, either mentally or write them down if needed.
  • Send that area forgiveness, and love and. Imagine if it were an injured child and send healing to that spot.
  • Continue your body scanning, keep repeating the above instructions until you reach the top of your head.
  • Now your relaxed and ready to work out where your body needs healing.

F – L:

Feet – You need to ground yourself for general healing. Your root chakra is out of balance and you’re going in circles. Once you are grounded you’ll clearly see the direction that you should follow.

Right foot; Do you have too many responsibilities? Are you experiencing feelings of rage, frustration, or anger? You must go with the flow and take a step back, avoid forcing any circumstances.

Left foot; Do you find yourself giving too much to others and receiving very little in return? Difficult connections preventing you from progressing? It’s time to put your attention on yourself because you’ve become disconnected from your own needs.

Genitals – (a general healing for the penis and vagina genitals) – Having a fear of being rejected. Rejection is a form of protection from God/Spirit/Ancestors. Ground and raising your vibrations through self-love and setting boundaries, you will attract people who share your frequency.

Hands – Are you holding onto a situation or someone that is not in your highest good? Let go of trying to control and trust that the universe will deliver anything that is in alignment with for you.

Arthritic hands can be caused by criticism, fear, and concern. Do you have aching, stiff, or unresponsive hands? Time to remove yourself from situations or people who do not have your best interest.

Right hand; Have you ever been disappointed or betrayed by someone you trusted? Are you concerned and worried about your financial future? It’s time to forgive yourself or others and trust in the universe’s ability to deliver when you need it most.

Left hand; Do you have unresolved traumas from the past or are you having problems with a female figure in your life? Do you feel gloomy and unsure of where to go since you can’t make decisions? It’s time to forgive, heal, and love yourself and others. Concentrate on your root chakra to help you feel empowered and on the right path of making the correct decisions.

Head – Are you feeling overwhelmed by life and an emotional mess on the inside? Are you so critical, controlling, or perfectionistic that you’ve forgotten how to enjoy life and others? Are you suffering from a variety of other health issues as a result of your lack of purpose and direction. Stop that monkey mind of yours. It’s time to reprogram your brain and learn to love and live life to the fullest. Learn to be carefree, and know that through faith, prayer, and any other healthy spiritual activities, you can live a pain-free life.

Heart – Are you holding onto situations or people that are no longer for your highest good? Are you allowing others to walk over you, ghost you, and treat you with disrespect?  You need to have healthy boundaries, whether this is to put boundaries in place or to pull down the walls that you have built to protect yourself from emotions.

Believing that you’re deserving and practising self-love on a daily basis will also teach you how to handle stress and how to release any anger, pain, or resentment that you may feel. Living from a healthy heart space enables your healing and for you to evolve and attract whatever you desire. Make sure that you have an open heart chakra.

Hips – Do you want to carry on the traditions of your ancestors or your own earthly family? Do you feel like you have too many responsibilities and no one to help you? Remove your alter ego or disillusionment with yourself. What is your true identity? Who are you really? Are you feeding your ego or someone else’s? It’s time to walk your truth and connect to your solar plexus and throat chakra.

Kidney – Do you have a short-term memory, lack trust, and break down under pressure? It’s time to rebuild yourself and get rid of your anxieties, whether physical or mental. Remove paranoia, guilt, hatred, dread, or regret from your life. By regulating your root chakra, you can focus on laying a stable foundation.

Knee – Are you stubborn or do you have a need to be in control? One needs to be more flexible in their life to open up a whole new world of opportunities or an easier way of doing something.

Right knee; Do you have any issues with a male figure in your life, either in the past or now? Do you have difficulties in your career or lack confidence in your own awesomeness? It’s time to forgive and let go of anything over which you have no control. Don’t let others control you, and don’t control others. Connect to your solar plexus chakra for inspiration and to expand your creative potential.

Left knee; Do you have any issues with a female figure in your life, either in the past or now? Stop feeling like a victim. Let go of the hurt, sadness, and any criticism. Forgive and connect to your sacral and heart chakra.

Legs – Do you have unresolved traumas from your past that you’d like to heal? Do you face a lot of challenges in your life? Are you feeling so overwhelmed by all of the pressures that you don’t feel supported? It’s time to heal and realise that you have the ability to overcome any doubts in your life.

Right leg; Do you have a habit of sabotaging yourself or do you feel restricted? You must become focused on a plan; however, you must not be too rigid. Just go with the flow and seek assistance when necessary.

Left leg; Do you frequently seek the approval of others? Are you bound by your past, or do your finances rule your life? It is time to accept responsibility and move on from any wrongs. Build your self-esteem and believe that you are capable of making your own decisions without fear of the unknown or the opinions of others.

Liver – Are you clinging to feelings of rage, guilt, or fear? Do you have a tendency to self-sabotage and are continuously disappointed by yourself? Sickness is manifested by self-anger or denial. Take charge of your life, stop blaming others, and accept full responsibility for your actions. Set personal boundaries for yourself and others.

Lungs – Difficulty expressing and advocating for yourself? Are you a people-pleaser with a hard time saying no? Depressed, tired, suppressed, and weepy. It’s time to let go of old wounds. You’re suffocating as a result of your past wounds and pain. It is time to forgive yourself as well as others. Close this chapter and begin a new one that brings you peace, happiness, and love.

Disclaimer: I am not a licenced medical professional, thus any conditions you may have should be diagnosed by your doctor or a specialist. When taking advice from others, always use your own judgement, as you are the owner of your body and will know what that of healing works for you..

Coming next week will be The Secret of Healing Your Body. Part Three.

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Picture is used for a rough reference of body location.

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