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Grief and Healing: 7 Survival Life Hacks.
Grief: Grief is one of the most misunderstood words in the English language. It is mostly associated with the word “death”. However, when we leave our mother’s wombs, we come...
12 Steps of Healing Deep Trauma.
12 Steps of PTSD: In my previous article, I discussed Randy J. Hartman, Ph.D.’s 12 Steps of PTSD. If you missed it, you can read it again here. Although these stages are intended for post-traumatic...
PTSD & CPTD: 12 Explosive Steps You Must Know!
What is PTSD & CPTSD? PTSD – Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric disorder that refers to a set of reactions that can develop in someone who has experienced or witnessed...
Depression. There Are 6 Key Categories To Be Aware Of.
Depression: What Is It and Is It Genetic? Depression is considered a mood disorder. It is defined as sadness, loss, failure, rejection, or anger that can have a severe impact on a person’s...
Anxiety. There Are 3 Things You Should Know Right Now!
What Exactly is Anxiety: Anxiety is a disorder in which the nervous system becomes abnormally active as a result of a stressful, dangerous, or unforeseeable event. It is the reaction of one or...
divine timing
Divine Timing 101. The Fool Proof Guide.
Divine timing. Have you ever attempted to manifest something into your life and wondered why it never materialised? Even though you have been manifesting night and day. Or, have you ever pondered...
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