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The Secret of Healing Your Body. Part Two of Four.
Healing: This is the Part two version of ‘The Secret of Healing Your Body’. If you missed Part one of the series, head over here. If you have already read part one, please feel free...
Heal - healing
The Secret of Healing Your Body. Part One of Four.
Healing: Healing takes the understanding that everything in our universe is energy and is the key to healing your ailments, discomforts, infections, and diseases. That includes our thoughts and...
crystal light bed
Crystal Light Shower Bed Healing. Power of Crystals.
Healing with the Crystal light shower bed: Crystal light shower therapy is a complementary and alternative healing method that uses crystals, light, and colour to rebalance and heal humans, animals...
smoking herbs
Give Up Smoking Tobacco and RELAX with a Herbal Smoke Blend.
Smoking Disclaimer: This material is intended for adults only. Always make sure that you responsibly source your products from a reputable supplier. The information and general advice on my website...
candle magic.
Manifesting With the Archangels through Candle Magic.
Since the 4th century BC, candle magic has been used for rituals by many cultures, religions, occultism, esotericism, and spiritualists. Candle magic is one of the most effective ways to utilise...
crown chakra
Crown Chakra. Is Yours Balanced? Complete Guide.
Colour: Violet and white – This is the “I understand essence” and the “Bridge to the cosmos.” Crown chakra is located at the top of your head. Where it radiates down to your pituitary gland and...

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