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Fully UTILISE Herbs To Enhance Your Spiritual Journey. Part 1.

Herbs Part 1 of 2:

Herbs can help you overcome challenges, boost your abilities, and raise your vibrational levels in a variety of ways throughout your healing journey. Always buy your herbs from a reliable organic grower or, cultivate the herbs yourself. As you can also set your intentions and vibrations when planting the seeds for your herbal garden.

Herbal medicine is a natural alternative to the chemical-laden pharmacy products that are available in our local chemist, grocery and corner stores. Always conduct research on the origin of any herbal product that you purchase.

Despite some labels claiming to be organic herbs, some countries do not have health regulations and their products have high levels of Pb: lead, Cd: cadmium, Al: aluminum, and As: arsenic. These chemicals are harmful to you if they’re used for any of the following:

  • Aromatherapy.
  • Cooking with herbs.
  • Herbal smoking.
  • Herbal teas.
  • Herbal oils, perfumes, and soaps.

Examples of a few countries that do not have adequate organic health rules. Visit the website here.


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Herbs for Anxiety:

  • Bergamot – This herb aids in relaxation and also aids in clearer thinking for those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
  • Chamomile – Has natural medicinal properties that aid in the relaxation of the nervous system and the mind. This helps one be more relaxed and happier in their environment.
  • Lavender – The aroma helps to relax the mind whilst also purifying the mind and body.
  • Peppermint – It reduces anxiety levels and eases symptoms of depression.

Herbs for Clearing & Protection:

  • Angelica – It is a powerful herb ruled by our sun and known as the Holy Ghost. It has been used for centuries for protection and in exorcisms. To protect your home from negative energies and illnesses, crush it into dust and place it beneath your front doormats. It is also known to remove jinxes and can be worn in mojo bags or added to amulet’s for protection, healing, and longevity.
  • Anise – Used to ward off any evil eye and is used for purification and protection.
  • Bay leaf – It cleanses the body and the immediate area of any negative, harmful, or unwanted energies. Hold three bay leaves in your hands to release any negative energy (or during cord cutting rituals) from your energy field. Burn the bay leaf in a safe manner to transmute the energy and send the energy back to its original owner.
  • Camin – A wonderful herb for repelling spiritual blockages or any juju that has been cast your way.
  • Cayenne pepper – Drives away negative energies while also providing protection and encouraging good luck.
  • Cypress – Saturn rules this plant, which is also known as Father Time. Cypress is also known in the first testimony and is commonly used in protection at funerals.  It is known for maintaining the balance of the Consciousness Evolution Journey of the Soul.
  • Dill – Protection from witchcraft spells, curses and nightmares.
  • Mint – Used in protection spells to banish darker entities.
  • Myrrh – Connection to open a portal to the spirit world and evict any entities that maybe attach to your energy.
  • Palo santo – Burning palo santo during cleansing rituals, meditation and mindfulness removes all negative energy and reduces stress. This one can be used as an oil as well.
  • Peppermint – Peppermint herbs are used in protection spells to increase the vibrational energy for healing and purification.
  • Rosemary – For purification and the removal of negativity.
  • Sage – It aids in the removal of negative energies from your mind, body, and spirit, as well as the cleansing of the surrounding area.
  • Tea tree – Breaks hexes, removes all negative energies. It also known to be used for exorcism, purification, and protection work.
  • Vervain – Commonly known as the “holy herb” and protects against darker entities, black magic, and diseases. It is great to keep on one alter and use in conjunction with lustral or (moon, holy, sea) water to clean tools that you use for healing or spells.
  • Yarrow – Has been considered to be gifted with a vast number of spiritual properties and was frequently used in ceremonial magic rituals. During ritual divination with the I Ching, yarrow stalks are used to reawaken the spiritual forces of the superconscious mind.

Herbs for Confidence & Growth:

  • Basil – Improves stamina, soothing and refreshing.
  • Chamomile – Has natural medicinal properties that aids in the relaxation of the nervous system and the mind. Which helps coping with general life and the skills that one needs to grow.
  • Ginseng – It stimulates the brain’s functioning and mental performance.
  • Jasmine – Also known as “a gift from God,” is known to reduce stress and improve one’s mood. A herb that is frequently used to treat depression.
  • Lemon balm – Aids in healing the emotional body.
  • Orange – It alleviates anxiety symptoms while also providing a sense of peace and clarity.
  • Peppermint – Aids in the enhancement of energy, mood, exercise performance, and alertness.

Herbs for Connecting to Your Intuition and Spiritual Team:

  • Acacia – The magical properties of the acacia tree are well known. A wand made from this tree will boost your spiritual confidence, integrity, and authority. The leaves are used to communicate with the spirits of the dead. When combined with frankincense and myrrh, your spiritual development will accelerate significantly.
  • Anise – Increased psychic abilities and awareness also enhance peaceful dreams and visions.
  • Bay leaf – Sleep with bay leaves under your pillar. It purifies the connection for clearer communication, astral travel, vivid dreams and sleep. It also enhances your ability to heighten your psychic senses of any of the clair abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, and clairalience.
  • Frankincense – Common herb that is used for the periods of Beltane, Lammas and Yule. Burn for protective work, communion, and meditation to strengthen connection.
  • Mugwort – It promotes lucid dreaming, astral projection, and psychic abilities. It is said that the dried flower encourages vivid dreams when placed in a pouch under a pillow. 
  • Myrrh – Use it as an offering to connect with your spiritual team.
  • Sage – It helps with self-purification and strengthens the connection between you and your higher self and guides.
  • Sandalwood – As it replenishes the soul with soothing and calming energy this enables the portal to the infinite universe.
  • Tea tree – “Herb of the Angels” is associated and connected to Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
  • Thyme – To communicate with the dead as well as the fairies.
  • Vervain – Known as a enchanter’s herb. Place in a pouch and keep under your pillar to support you in vivid dreams, astral travelling and the opening of your third eye chakra.

Coming Next Week is Part 2 of the Series.


Many herbs and herbal products are not recommended for babies, toddlers, pregnant or nursing women. Or to be taken with complex medical conditions, or in conjunction with prescription medications. If you have any concerns or questions about whether a herb is safe for you, please consult your doctor.

The information and general advice on my website is intended only as a reference point for further investigation and is not intended to be a substitute for professional health advice. The website does not provide dosage instructions, toxicity levels, or side effects of each herbs, or information about potential interactions with prescription drugs or other items that you may be taking. Always use your own discernment when making any health choices, as I take no responsibility for what you personally consume.

Main Image is credit to Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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