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Inner Child Trauma and Shadow Work. Complete Guide!

What is Inner Child Trauma and Shadow Work:

Inner child trauma can be a single or series of events that have been accumulated from the age of conception to adulthood. Depending on your personal beliefs, this could also be a result of traumatic experiences in your past life. Inner child trauma can be singular or a combination of both emotional and physical wounds.

Shadow work is the process by which a person confronts their fears of any traumatic wounds they may have suffered in their lives. These fears are located deep in our subconscious minds until we have a triggering event. When any fears are triggered, our conscious mind can go into a state of anxiety, shock, or denial. Shadow work is acknowledging and understanding these fears and finding a solution to overcome them.

How Do You Know if You Have Inner Child Wounds:

Indications that a person suffers from inner child wounds:

  • Ongoing depression.
  • Reoccurring night terrors.
  • Reoccurring toxic behavioural patterns.
  • Collective memories of traumatic situations.
  • Complex post traumatic stress disorder or post traumatic stress disorder.

Toxic patterns and triggers are evident to the conscious mind. However, one may not understand one’s own reactions in stressful situations. Especially when the person feels intense, out-of-control feelings or addictive tendencies.

Real deep-seated or past life traumas may not be evident to our conscious mind. This is a way for the conscious mind to protect one from dealing with any heightened emotions. Because of this, we can often be in denial that we have any trauma. The trauma that one may have suffered has been horrific. When this is the case, we bury the grief and trauma very deeply in our subconscious minds. Often, people explain this feeling as “I feel sad and I do not know why.”

Our EGO can also mask our fears. As our fears are controlled by the ego (sometimes unconscious) mind. When the ego mind takes control, our analytical mind will go into overdrive.

When Healing Is Needed:

When triggered, reactions in an adult’s behavior are very evident. This can be from having a long-term illness or any form of self-sabotaging behavioural pattern. Healing your inner child’s trauma wounds is recommended.

These triggers may come in the form of:

  • Insecurities about not being validated and not feeling good enough.
  • Vulnerability means feeling scared and afraid for their own personal safety. Or feeling that they need someone to protect them.
  • Anger stems from unmet needs and/or feelings not being of importance.
  • Abandonment: feeling rejected or feeling alone.
  • Guilt and shame: the belief that one does not deserve better things in life. Also, the feeling of worthiness.
  • Abuse — both to oneself and to others. temper tantrums like a two-year-old to have things go their way.
  • Addictions include alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, self-sabotaging, self-harming, sex, and food.
  • Toxicity and dramatic situations.

Avoidance of Not Dealing with Trauma:

  • Having no boundaries.
  • The inability to deal with any type of stress or conflicting situation. Even though the person may have caused the situation/s.
  • Always be suspicious of those who surround you.
  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed by situations or people.
  • Always feeling pressured by others in everyday life.
  • Being drawn to friendships/relationships and developing trauma bonding connections.
  • Making toxic connections with people who reflect your fears and anxieties
  • Ghosting and gaslighting others. Or accepting such behaviour from others in your life.
  • Depression, anxiety, constant confusion, and social withdrawal.

Deep-Seated Trauma, that Requires Intensive Continuous Support:

  • Post-traumatic disorder.
  • Complex post-traumatic disorder.

What is not Inner Child’s Wounding:

Protect your boundaries in a healthy manner. However, having too many boundaries is a sign of inner child wounds.

Inner child
Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay

Ways to Heal the Inner Child and Face Shadow Work Head-On:

I am a great advocate of self-love. Unconditional self-love is the best way to deal with childhood traumas. As one learns to nurture and provide for one’s own needs.

Professional ways to assist in dealing with shadow work:

  • Medical practitioner/therapist. Someone who provides strategies to overcome triggers.
  • Therapist, qualified hypnotherapist, or a past life regression coach.
  • A holistic healer/ life-spiritual coach who will coach you on spiritual practices. How to fight your inner demon and balance the ego.

Always remember that you are your best healer. No medical professional, therapist, healer, or coach can heal you. They can only provide the tools to assist a person on their healing journey.

If a person’s headspace is not focused on their healing journey, no magic pill or session will help them. One has to be in a mental alignment for healing to take place.

It will take much longer to heal for anyone who sees themselves as a victim. A person who sees themselves as a survivor will heal much faster. Because that person is a true warrior with a fighting spirit, strength, and determination to heal.

Cost free ways to assist in dealing with shadow work:

  • Ho’oponopono chant/meditation. I’m sorry. Please forgive me, I thank you. I love you. Repeat/chant morning and night.
  • Meditation and self-hypnosis. There are a lot of free walk-through meditations and hypnosis sessions on YouTube. Find one that fits your personal circumstances.
  • Soul retrieval, also known as soul fragmentation. Steve Nobel on YouTube has an extensive soul retrieval meditation, here. Each time we go through a traumatic experience, we lose part of our essence and we become fragmented.
  • Invite both Mother Mary and Archangel Chamuel into your prayers, meditations, and life. Mother Mary can help with healing the inner child. Archangel Chamuel aids in the process of self-love and love for others.
  • Exercise or dance. Moving your body helps the stagnant and stuck energy move. It also raises the endorphins and your serotonin levels. Once again, YouTube has a great section of free classes, find one that interests you.
  • Journalling and releasing rituals. Google is a great wealth of information on these topics.
  • Joining a social online free network group. Find one that supports the type of trauma or condition that you’re dealing with.

All the above activities can also be done in groups, classes, gyms, with a trusted friend, or on your own. I have always found deep shadow work to be a personal journey. Sometimes it is best to be alone with guidance from a professional or with a trusted friend. Healing can become ugly and lonely. However, it is totally worth it. The results will change your life forever, as you will become empowered to achieve any dreams or goals that you may have.


Thank you, dear souls, for trusting me, for being your forwarding light. I appreciate the time that you have spent with me. I’d be honoured and grateful for any feedback that you may have. I am also open to suggestions for any future posts.

If no one has told you today, that you’re honoured and that you are loved. I am holding that space for you right now because you are important.

With Blessings and love – Sherry 💚

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  1. Mullis Christina Mullis

    Thank you for this blog! I related to it as if was written for me. Happy and sad at the same time! I reached out today and asked a question in a group and received so many responses. Grateful for each and every one but felt confused and with no true direction. I read this and truly understood! Thank you!

    1. Dear Christina, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’m pleased that this spoke to you, and I’m happy that I am able to help you on your spiritual journey. Wishing you all the best on your journey. Sherry 💚

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