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Protection Crystals – Gemstones.

A Complete Guide to Purchasing and Programming Your Protection Crystals:

When you are shopping for protection crystals allow the crystals to choose you, and if at all possible, shop for your collection in person. Your eyes and sixth senses will be drawn to a specific area. Hold the crystals in your hands and if you feel any of the following in your hands or stomach: calmness, heat, or tingling, you have been chosen by that crystal. When ordering crystals online, set your intention that the crystals for your highest good be chosen for you.

It is always recommended before working with your crystals that they are cleansed, recharged, and programmed before carrying out any protection ritual. There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals, although not all crystals are the same. Some crystals cannot be cleansed in the sunlight (due to fading), dissolve and others can become toxic in water.

Please only purchase crystals from reputable vendors. Crystals are programmed by the energies that surround them, and if they were collected under stressful situations, such as sickness or enslavement, they would perform poorly.

Reprogramming crystals that have gone through the above circumstances takes a lot of healing energy from the divine. When I am gifted these types of crystals, I bury them in the ground permanently. I do not use them for my own personal usage or any protection rituals. Also be careful that you’re not buying fake crystals; there are a lot of them on the market these days. They’re man-made and have glass or plastic properties.

Protective Crystal List:

This list is not in any particular order. As an automatic writer (channelling writer) I go with the flow.

  • Black Tourmaline (Shamanic stone):  Protects from electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attacks, curses, spells, and negative energies. It can also help to ground your energy and help with balancing your chakras. It creates a protective shield around your body. This is a very powerful crystal to wear and have throughout your environment.
  • Jet (fossilised wood): Draws out negative energy and calms the emotional body. This is a fantastic way to protect yourself from violence and tool for safe astral journeying. It is advised to have this near your bed or on your body. Extremely powerful when the jet is incorporated and worn with sterling silver jewellery.
  • Black Obsidian (Molten lava): Shields from negativity from your environment, psychic attacks, curses, and spells, removes any negative spiritual influences, and energy blocks when worn as jewelry. It helps with seeing the truth and gives you clarity. The Obsidian family; snowflake, mahogany, rainbow, etc., all help with the above, however, the black obsidian is the master crystal.
  • Black & Blue Kyanite: Protects you from your own ego and self sabotaging. It aids in grounding and keeps your chakras aligned. It helps remove confusion, illusions, anger, blockages, frustration, and stress. It’s great for speaking your truth and public speaking. Wear it between your heart and your solar plexus as a long necklace or as a pendant.
  • Hematite: It dissolves and prevents negativity from entering a person’s aura. A protection tool for safe astral journeying, as it protects one’s soul and grounds you nicely back into your body. It is also recommended for anyone who needs to connect with their feminine side and is great for protection against addictions.
  • Smoky Quartz: Neutralises negative energies and absorbs electromagnetic smog. It is also good for grounding a person’s energy and connecting them to their root chakra. Place it under your pillow if you are not feeling grounded, or keep it by your phone and electronics.
  • Pyrolusite (shamanic stone): Transforms, restructures, and repels negative energies. It dispels psychic interference and protects against emotional abuse. Place it near your body or hold it when meditating.
  • Clear Quartz: Generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Recommended for spiritual development, raising consciousness, and vibrational work.
  • Fire Agate: Creates a protection shield around the body and will send any bad juju back to its sender. It has a strong connection to the earth and grounds a person with a sense of safety and security by dispelling fear. Wear it on your head and your body.
  • Tigers Eye: When worn as a talisman, it protects you from bad juju and curses. It is a powerful grounding stone as it generates its power from the earth and sun. If you have problems with commitments, this is the perfect crystal to wear.
  • Chiastolite: A powerful protection stone that wards off ill wishes and any bad intentions that are directed your way, from curses to magic. It dispels and transmutes all conflicts and negative thoughts. It is recommended that you wear it around your neck.
  • Sardonyx: It protects against crime and robberies when placed around the home, office, and garden. It is also a nice stone for partnerships and good fortune.
  • Staurolite (fairy cross-tears): Protective energies when worn as a talisman. It is also used as protection when used in white magic ceremonies. It is also great for those who have a nicotine addiction. Hold or place it nearby when calling on this powerful spirit of the fairies.
  • Tourmilated Quartz (Tourmaline and Quartz combined): A powerful protection stone against external invasions and environmental influences. It transmutes negatives into positives and releases any stress. 
  • Shungite: Protects from electromagnetic field exposure and harmful germs; bacterial and viruses. It can also purify your drinking water, great as gem water and elixir. Great for balancing the body from any chemical absorptions. Can also be worn or carried on the body.
  • Fluorite: Protects from psychic manipulation influences and electromagnet stress. It is recommend to wear as earrings or place near any technology equipment.
  • Amethyst: Protects against spiritual attacks. Also, transmute any negative energy into love. This is a very high vibrational stone to help see the truth clearly. 
  • Labradorite: Is known as a highly mystical and protective stone that works as a deflector of bad energies towards the person’s aura. It is also known to protect against any energy leakage. Wear this stone over your higher heart, which is known as your thymus chakra.
  • Blue Calcite: Cleanses negative energy from an environment and removes stagnant energies. It also amplifies your energy and clarity, which is fantastic for astral travel. Hold or wear as a pendant. Great for protection, grid work and gem water. Leave it near or under your bed.
  • Iron Pyrite (fool’s gold) An excellent energy shield that blocks out any negative energy and infectious diseases. It is always recommended to wear it around the neck, but other places are fine. I also keep a small piece in my wallet with a gold coin. as it also attracts abundance.
  • Jade:  Shields the wearer from harm and attracts a lot of positivity, such as love, friendship, good luck, and harmony. It can be worn anywhere, but it will be amplified by wearing it over the heart chakra.
  • Malachite (Needs to be used with caution): This stone can be toxic and should only be used in polished form only. Keep away from your pets and children and do not inhale or digest this crystal. It is recommended to be only used by those who are experienced in handling crystals. Malachite is a powerful but dangerous crystal if not handled correctly.
  • Angel Stone (aka Petalite): Another shamanic stone, aids with spiritual purification. Petalite transmutes energies and protects when timeline jumping – crossing other dimensions. it’s not recommended for beginners.
  • Turquoise: Dispels negative energise and electromagnetic smog. It is a purification stone and great for balancing ones masculine and feminine engerises. Place on your solar plexus, throat, and third eye chakras. Good for gem water and elixirs.
  • Selenite: A must have for anyone who collects crystals. I could write a whole blog on selenite as it has so many positive enhancing factors. Excellent protector, very powerful stone. Re-engises and cleanses all other crystals. The only drawback is it needs to be kept away from water, as selenite will dissolve.

7 Ways to Cleanse and Recharge your Protection Crystals:

  • Full moon. Leaving the crystals to bathe in the powerful full moon (up to three days around the full moon) is suitable for all crystals. Please make sure you protect your crystals from wild animals, especially birds.
  • Soil. Burying them into the earth, this is suitable for all crystals. Make sure you mark when you bury your treasure and leave it for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Salt water. Warm beach water or a made-up solution of sea salt and water is recommended for porous crystals. After 8 hours, gently rinse with non-chemical water and pat dry.
  • Moon water. Moon water is purified water that is left under the powerful full moon in a glass (not plastic) jar or container. It is not recommended for all crystals. Please do a Google search to see if your crystal is recommended for cleansing with water or making gem water with. Leave it for 8 hours and pat it dry.
  • Smudging. Use Sage, Palo, Santo, or Rosemary smudging sticks or loose dried leaves to cleanse your crystals with the smoke. This ancient method is suitable for all crystals.
  • Sunlight. Allow the crystals to sit in direct sunlight for 8 hours, or permanently if they are on a window shelf. Please check the recommendation for your crystal as the sun can fade certain crystals.
  • Selenite. Place your crystals near a large piece of selenite for 24 hours before use. This is suitable for all crystals.

Setting Intentions with Your Protection Crystals:

When I’m getting ready to cleanse my crystals, I like to set my intention. You may create your own cleansing ceremony, or you could just use something like: “I’m now clearing any negative energy that’s not serving my highest good from my new crystals. May the gods, angels, and my ancestors shower love, light, and protection onto them.” And so it is done.

Programming your Protection Crystals:

After you’ve cleaned and set your intentions for your protection crystals, it’s time to programme them to your energy and how you want the crystals to protect you. Any crystal you wear for protection should be cleansed with intention on a daily basis. Personally, I do mine in the mornings when I cleanse and protect my aura before I start my day. You can find an aura cleansing ritual in my chakra article. Allow no one to come into contact with your protective crystals. As they should be programmed to your energy only, unless a reputable high vibrational Reiki Master and/or Energy Healer is programming your crystal for you.

For Personal Protection: Choose any crystal from the Protective Crystal List that resonates to your personal situation. “Thank you, powerful one, for cleansing my energy field and erecting a protective shield around my being. For removing all negative energy and unhealthy influences from my environment and from my ego. Transmute all of this energise into love, and light. Allow my crystal to guide me to its full potential. And so it is.”

For Home or Office Protection: “I ask that the archangels of the four directions connect with me and my crystal grid now. Archangel Uriel from the north, Archangel Michael from the south, Archangel Raphael from the east, and Archangel Gabriel from the west. 

Please go through my house (office), car, and yard and remove any negative intentions, thoughts, influences, energetic debris, or anything that is not in my highest alignment and for my family. Any energy that does not serve us should be transformed into love and light and returned to the source. Any entities that do not belong here should be escorted back to the divine white light.

Now I ask you to guard my space (home, yard, car, office) and seal it in a protective field of only love and light. Keep all evil and negative energy away from my family. Thank you for keeping me safe, Archangels and Divine. And so it is done with affection and love.”


Protection Crystals for the Entrances of Your Home:

Sea salt (this is optional – pour in a quarter of your bowl), choose your desired crystals, a black bowl (not plastic), or a selenite bowl. Selenite bowl are recommended if you don’t have time to recharge/cleanse your crystals on a regular basis. Place your bowls at your home’s entrances (doorways). This can be directly above your entry – on a shelf, or on a table or window self right next to the entrance.

Please keep in mind that some crystals will fade in direct sunlight, despite the fact that sunlight (like the full moon) is an excellent tool for charging your crystals. I prefer to use raw crystals in their purest form for any protection rituals. If your budget or available space do not permit this, I recommend purchasing bulk crystal chips.

Sea salt is a spiritual purifying agent, this is something that I personally use in all of my rituals. However it can dry in clumps and change the colouring of your crystals.

The Four Corner Crystal Protection of Your Home or Property:

This protection should be placed in the four corners of square or rectangular homes or offices, this crystal protection ritual is ideal. You can, however, make concessions if necessary and set your intentions for any odd area that you would like to cover. Another alternative is to square off the outdoor area. If your house is irregularly shaped or if you want to safeguard the area around your house or property. In this option your desired crystals and gemstones will be directly buried in the ground.

When burying the crystals in the earth, use any type of salt in straight lines (as best as you can) to join up to each of the corners, adding an extra strengthening protection to your property. At the start of each season, I’d recommend repouring the salt, so keep some type of marker of where your crystals are buried. Please keep in mind that salt, regardless of where you apply it, can kill your lawn and plants.

Examples of Crystals Rituals Combinations:

These crystal combination rituals can be used in your home, for your entrances, or in the four corners. They can also be used outside of your home or office, where they will be buried in the ground. They can also be used on crystal board grids, which can be purchased online or in speciality stores. If you’re overly concerned about your safety or having nightmares, I would suggest keeping a crystal board grid under your bed. Something similar to the below picture.

You can use any of the crystals on the Protective Crystal List, but I recommend using selenite with each ritual. Selenite is also a reasonably priced crystal, which is an added bonus. Use crystals that resonate with you for personal reasons.

Grid One

  • Selenite: For space clearing, recharging other crystals and bringing in positive energy.
  • Obsidian: To protect from any negative energy entering your home.
  • Hematite: For protection and grounding your energy.
  • Black Tourmaline: For protection and cleansing your energy.
  • Citrine: To invite abundance, positivity and happiness into your home and life.

Grid Two

  • Selenite: For space clearing, recharging other crystals and bringing in positive energy.
  • Blue Calcite: Removes any negative or stagnant energies from your home.
  • Tourmilated Quartz: For protection from unwanted predators.
  • Fire Agate: To form a protective shield around your home and ground your energy.

The History of Crystals – Gemstones:

According to historical sources, the Ancient Sumerians programmed crystals for the “Crystals and Magical Formulas” in the fourth millennium BC. Traditional Chinese medicine, which has a history of at least 5000 years, also uses crystals for healing. It is also documented that the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Mexicans have all used crystals for protection – warding off the evil eye, amulets, ceremonies and rituals, on tombstones, and cosmetically makeup and jewellery.

To read more on the history of crystals head over to

Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to be your guiding light, Beautiful Souls. I’d love to hear from you and learn what you thought of my guide. I’m sending out a lot of love and protection to everyone. Sherry. 💚

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