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Solar Plexus Chakra. Is Yours Balanced? Complete Guide.

Colour: Yellow — This is the “I Do Essence”.

The solar plexus chakra is located above your belly button near the top middle of your stomach. This is the third chakra of your main energy centers. It is the foundation of your self-confidence, identity, and personal power.

This is where your intuition generates its feelings, usually known as your gut feelings. Your own personal power lies here, and this is where your confidence and wisdom grow from.

The Sanskrit name for the solar plexus chakra is called Manipura. Which translates to “lustrous gem”.

What a Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra Feels Like:

  • Having a balanced root and sacral chakras.
  • Feelings of self-worth and confidence.
  • You stand on your own personal truth.
  • Decision-making comes naturally to you.
  • You will feel a great sense of personal power and ease within yourself.

solar plexus chakra

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is Overactive:

  • Selfishness.
  • Quick to anger.
  • A lack of compassion or empathy.
  • Using one’s personal power to control others.

How to Balance an Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra:

  • Balance your root and sacral chakras.
  • Ground your energy and heal your wounds of fear.
  • Let go of the need to control, situations and people.
  • Make room in your heart for love and compassion for yourself and others.

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is Blocked:

  • Feeling powerless, hopeless, and stuck.
  • You feel indecisive, insecure, timid, and needy.
  • Feeling a situation or person has control over you and/or your situation.

How to Energise Your Solar Plexus Chakra:

  • Learn to believe in yourself – practice self-love.
  • Empower yourself by using or creating your own personal affirmations and vision boards.
  • Listening to Binaural Beats 288 and/or 417 Hz.
  • Practice your affirmations on a daily basis
  • Self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy sessions
  • Self-empowerment healing, using crystals, tapping, herbs, etc
  • Chakra balancing meditations

+++ Please do not listen to any binaural beats or hypnosis if you suffer from seizures or epilepsy. Please seek advice from your medical practitioner before trying these methods. +++

Self-hypnosis, meditations, and binaural beat music are best listened to while wearing headphones. Earpods will also give you the same benefits as headphones.

You are your own healer


Other Healing Techniques:

  • Mantra: By chanting “RAM” for a few minutes, you open up your solar plexus chakra.
  • Yoga Poses: High Lunge Twist with Anjali Mudra, Chair Pose, and Arm Pose.
  • Crystals/Gemstones :  Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Zircon, Malachite, Amber, and Yellow Sapphire.
  • Pure Essential Oils/Herbs:  Lemon, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Cypress, Geranium, and Juniper.
  • Affirmations: I value myself as I am. I’m my own unique person and control the way I think and behave. I release my competitive nature and judgements that drain my energy. I choose to live in the here and now.
  • Archangel – invite Archangel Jophiel to join you in a short meditation. Ask Jophiel to balance, earth, and ground your solar plexus chakra energy.

Physical Ailments that is Possible to Experience:

  • Sugar addictions
  • Eczema and skin disorders.
  • Digestive and intestinal disorders.
  • Food allergies, indigestion, and diabetes.
  • Appendix, pancreas, liver, and kidneys issues.
  • Eating disorders, weight issues, and poor metabolism.

Psychological Ailments that is Possible to Experience:

  • Insomnia.
  • Lack of memory and concentration.
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health imbalances.



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