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Spiritual Awakening. Everything that You Need to Know!

Spiritual Awakening:

Spiritual awakening is a journey that involves expanding one’s conscious mind. This is to enable a person to come into alignment with their higher self and to achieve pure consciousness. This is the journey of experiencing many spiritual ascensions (downloads and upgrades) to raise human consciousness awareness.

These awakenings are to banish any outdated, corrupted, subconscious mind programming. Human beings are programmed throughout their entire unawakened life cycle. As we are socially conditioned from the time of our birth until our awakening. We learned our programming from:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Relationships
  • Teachers
  • Bosses
  • Governments
  • Churches/leaders
  • All forms of media
  • Ourselves. As we adopt opinions and beliefs from any hurt and rejections that we have experienced.

The consciousness journey is the discovery and awakening to a soul purpose. As we go through this journey, we often seek the answers to the questions that we may often ask ourselves. “Why was I born?” and “What is my purpose here on earth?”

We broaden and open up our minds to the possibilities that there is more to life than what the naked eye can see.

During an awakening, we are stripped from our very own personal identity. Our beliefs and desires will constantly change through each spiritual ascension, that we receive. We will no longer recognise or identify with the person that we once were. Leaving behind all of our old personas and outdated beliefs. Most people refer to themselves as a “human onion”. Slowly removing layers after layers, throughout their spiritual journey of consciousness.

Spiritual Awakening can Be Exhausting:

Spiritual awakening can be an exhausting and somewhat confusing journey. One that will take you into the darkest parts of your subconscious mind. Unfortunately, this journey is not full of rainbows, unicorns, or mythical creatures.

It’s a journey of discovering and overcoming your deepest fears. Also, with the balancing of any karmic scales, we can also gather karma from our past lives. We bring these lessons with us so that we can learn them in this lifetime. We also explore the blockages and clearing from our ancestor’s lineages.

We have two main categories and so many subcategories of spiritual awareness. A simplified version of the two main categories for now.


  • Existing in one or more of the third dimension’s low frequencies of behaviour. Lying, cheating, stealing, being egotistical, being self-serving or self-centered.
  • Co-dependency and toxic relationships.
  • Ruled by greed, dishonesty, selfishness, and have lack of compassion for humanity.
  • Non awareness or denial that one has any unhealed traumas.
  • Playing the victim or the attitude that society owes them.

We all may have been here at some point in our lives, no one is perfect. We are souls having a human experience and this is not an easy journey. Fear of changes keeps a person stuck in a state of unconsciousness.


  • Having the awareness that you are a soul, who is having a human experiences.
  • Learning the art of self-love and having healthy boundaries.
  • Having a happy, healthy and a balanced opened heart chakra.
  • Having unconditional love for yourself and others.
  • Facing and overcoming the fears and traumas from ones life.
  • Clearing the family lineage blockages.
  • Always in a state of being truthful to themselves and others.
  • Non judgemental of others and respecting their personal boundaries.
  • Opened to learning and not afraid of the unknown.

The Ugly Side of a Spiritual Awakening:

A spiritual awakening is where your whole foundation (LIFE) becomes completely dismantled. A person’s behavioral patterns and any self-sabotaging will determine the outcome.

Once you are on this journey, there is no turning back. It is almost impossible to erase any new consciousness. Plus, the universe always has other plans ahead of you. This will come back to the karmic balancing from this or past lives.

Spiritual awakening can often result in many repeating painful lessons. If we ignore these lessons, it can become a continuous nightmare. Where you feel like you are on a never-ending roller coaster that you simply cannot get off. This experience can be painful, uncomfortable, frightening, confusing, lonely, and heartbreaking. The feeling of falling into a deep dark rabbit hole with no escape route.

spiritual awakening
Photo credit to Pete Linforth

Ascension Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening:

Below is a list of some of the major intense ascension symptoms that one could experience during a spiritual awakening.

  • Ascension/spiritual flu and chills throughout the body.
  • Sore muscles, aching joints, fatigue, lethargy, and tiredness.
  • Intense dreams, out-of-body experiences, lucid and vivid dreams, and sleeping disturbances. Out of body experiences, lucid and vivid dreams can actually be positive experiences. If a person has never been prepared for these experiences, they can be frightening..
  • Emotional, anxiety, confusion, blurred vision, and depression.
  • Anger, feeling frustrated, rage, and disassociation.
  • Headaches, sore and blurred eyes, ringing noises in the ears, and heart or thymus fluttering.
  • Major changes in lifestyle or in relationships and friendships.
  • The Death of the Ego or as some refer to it, the Dark Night of the Soul.

*Disclaimer. Always consult your medical practitioner if you experience any of the above symptoms. To rule out any medical causes or concerns.

The Dark Night of the Soul or The Death of the Ego:

As a healer of many different modalities, I am not a fan of the terminology of the Dark Night of the Soul. I believe that a person’s “Soul” is linked to higher dimensional consciousness. This is the location of one’s higher self, which is surrounded by heavenly white/golden light and love. There isn’t any darkness here because everything is pure consciousness. A soul never becomes dark; people who have grown dark (evil) have separated themselves from their souls. As a result, they are frequently regarded as soulless.

The disconnection from one’s EGO causes darkness and confusion.

The Death of the Ego happens when we let go of old programming that we no longer resonate with. As we haven’t quite built our new belief system on any solid foundation. In fact, we might not know what we actually believe during this process. It is normal to feel scared and confused, and this is usually accompanied by fear. Is it real or not? What is right or wrong? Do we go left or right?

Our Ego will try to push fears into our conscious minds, as it wants to be in control. This creates an overload for the analytical brain to handle and that’s where the darkness takes over. We cannot survive without ego, as its purpose is to keep us safe. The only problem with the Ego, it likes to be a ruler and to be in control of every situation. Like most things in life, we need a healthy balance. A balance of our consciousness keeps our ego in check.

Shadow Work and Inner Child Woundings:

This is the best time to connect and heal your Inner Child Woundings and complete your Shadow Work. This will help to balance out the ego, as by healing this area the analytical mind will not go into overdrive. You need to stay strong and soldier on. Do not slip back into the old and outdated ways because it’s simply comfortable! It’s a life that you know, that is not living. I guarantee you if you go back, you will find yourself on a never-ending roller coaster. Going through the same lessons over and over again.

To read more about Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work, you can read my in-depth article here. Living in the past creates depression, and living in the future creates anxiety. So the best advice that I can give you is to live in the now. Be responsible for your actions and learn from each lesson.

The Tower will Represent your Life:

Spiritual Awakening tower card

The “Tower” card is a Major Arcana and it represents destruction with major life changes. Seeing this card used to make me cringe when I first started out on my spiritual journey. I was exhausted from all the challenges that I was constantly facing. At times I had no faith or nor did I trust my own abilities. I did not believe that I could overcome the hurdles that I already had, let alone deal with more stuff. I was completely broken, shattered into a million pieces.

I now see the Tower as a sweet blessing, as it is a warning that something in my life has been built on a faulty foundation. When life is represented by a tower, one needs to either change their direction or build a stronger foundation. The Tower card represents the number XVI which is the 16th card in the tarot deck.

16 in numerology (1+6=7) totals to the number 7, which is a very strong number that also represents spirituality.

“The 7’s understanding that there is always something deeper, something more we can’t see, instills in it a great sense of spirituality”.


The number 7 is also seen as a holy and sacred number in many types of bibles. The Old and the New Testament, The Genesis, and The Book Revelation… to name a few.

“The Tower is sometimes interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, sudden change, destruction, higher learning, and liberation.” In Astrology, “The Tower” is also associated with the planet Mars. Mars represents our sex drive, passion, energy, and ambition. In ancient mythology, Mars was the god of war. So I personally feel that the tower card is a very good example of a spiritual awakening


The Benefits of Being an Awakened Soul:

After mastering your inner work of self-love in a non-egoistic way, your life will never be the same again. You will be blessed with so many different rewards and opportunities. Magic and miracles will be a part of your everyday existence. Your mind, body, and soul will become in alignment with your higher self.

You also become an authentic soul that our earth truly needs. As more people become awake, the vibration of the earth will continue to rise and heal. Especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people are living in fear. You will be a guiding light that radiates peace, joy, and love from your heart chakra.

Other Beautiful Rewards that You will Experience:

  • You will see everything so clearly, decision-making is easy.
  • Overthinking is not in your vocabulary, let alone in your mind.
  • You love so unconditionally, that you will feel love everywhere.
  • People will be attracted to your energy and you will find your tribe.
  • Your friendships and love opportunties are of a quality standards, enhancing every part of your life.
  • You appreciate the beautifulness that surrounds you everyday. You’ll appreciate the smallest things in life.
  • Other people’s actions will not have an effect on you personally. As you will know that they are acting out from a place of hurt or fear.

Am I telling you, that you will never experience a bad day? That is a fat no. We are on a continuous spiritual journey of learning. After all, we are souls having a human experience, and no one is perfect.

After going through enlightenment any major problems that weighed you down in the past will no longer burden you. As you know these problems were ruled by fear, in the past, which you no longer resonate with. The solutions are crystal clear and the decisions making has no shadows.

The Gift that Continues to Give:

Your personal blessings will continue to rise throughout each spiritual awakening. Yes, once we are on this journey you will continue to experience many versions of these spiritual awakenings.

I promise you, that it does get easier each and every time, and eventually, you will hardly notice any symptoms. When you reach this stage of awareness, you have completed nearly all of your shadow work. And your decision-making and boundary settings are bold, strong, confident, and respected. Anyone or anything that is not on your vibrational level is long forgotten and obsolete. Your past does not own you and it holds no restrictions on who you have become.

Your New Life is all About:

  • Being strong enough to be able to stand in your own authentic truth.
  • Having a clear and direct path to what you want to achieve in life is key.
  • Having the relationships and friendships that you desire, with equal give and take.
  • Finding your soul tribe family. Identify your soul tribe family.
  • You start living your dream.
  • Understanding that everyone’s journey is different and respecting the journey that they’re on.
  • You are more aware of each and every blessing and the opportunities around you.
  • You should have a strong spiritual connection to your personal choice of deities, gods, angels, guides, and/or ancestors.
  • Strengthening of spiritual and/or ancestor’s gifts.
  • Your manifestation, prosperity, and healing abilities are heightened.
  • Your mental, physical, and spiritual health improves to a whole new level.
  • Unconditional love for yourself and for others. Please do not confuse this type of love with any personal toxic situation-ship and relationship. If you do, you are on a karmic roller coaster ride. Once you learn self-love, you’re guaranteed to heal quicker.

Advice for an Easier Spiritual Awakening Journey:

  • Self-love and more self-love. Set them healthy boundaries
  • Believe that you are worthy of the life that you dream of.
  • Go with the flow and do not try to be too structured with your routines.
  • Don’t be stubborn, there is always more than one way of achieving your goals.
  • Trust, let go and believe that the universe has a whole new experience out there for you to explore.
  • Don’t try to control your life or others, this creates blockages.
  • The more flexible that one is, the easier the journey will be.

Thank You

Dear souls, Thank you for trusting me to be your guiding forwarding light on your spiritual awakening journey. I appreciate the time that you have spent with me. I would be honoured and grateful for any feedback that you may have. I am also open to suggestions for any future posts.

If no one has told you today, that you’re honoured and that you are loved, I am holding that space for you right now, because you are these things and so much more.

With Blessings and love – Sherry 💚

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